About Startups genius

What Is Startups Genius?

Startups Genius is meant to be a resource for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the average joe looking for business ideas and cutting edge tech reviews. The Startups Genius team publishes content sourced from their own business experiences or from their interactions with the sharpest entrepreneurial minds on the planet. 

How Did It Start?

This site is the result of one of the editors becoming burnt out by all the research and site-hopping he needed to do to know how to start a t-shirt business. It made him long for a one-stop-shop for any information needs that could come up. And so Startups Genius was born on a whim at 3 AM one, cold January night.


To serve small businesses and startups by providing smart, curated reviews and guides.

Meet the Core Team Members




James created Startups Genius on a sleep-deprived whim at 3 AM one night. That basically describes his entire life. He just needs to get things done. In addition to creating content for Startups Genius, James works a full-time job doing sales for a Fortune 500 company. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, James now considers himself a true Minnesotan. When he's not brainstorming his next business idea, James likes to read leadership books, binge-watch crime shows on Netflix, play hockey, stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends, and take his wife Megan out on dates.



Ryan hails from the North. AKA Minnesota. He bleeds art and design, and currently employs his graphic design skills at a major financial firm in the Twin Cities. From his knowledge of SEO, his understanding of the latest trends in business, to his aptitude for web design, Ryan is a valuable contributor to Startups Genius. His passion is helping other succeed by giving them the awesome content they require. Ryan spends most of his time networking with others over beer or coffee, listening to music, or designing graphics.



Gabe was born in Brooklyn, NY. He's an OG. Actually, he's far from an OG. But he's still pretty boss. Gabe is a master of content marketing and writing. Without his skills, Startups Genius wouldn't be worth reading even if we gave you a lifetime supply of Altoids or free, thick-sliced bacon. Gabe currently works in sales for the same company as James. While Startups Genius is currently his 5-9 gig, he hopes for it to become his 9-5 one day. You can catch Gabe at random coffee shops throughout Minneapolis, or at a hockey rink.