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We want to be upfront about the financial aspect of Startups Genius. While we don't get paid to promote a particular product or contribute a biased, positive review, Startups Genius does receive compensation from various companies for any readers we send their way.

Promise of unbiased content

In no way does this influence our reviews or guides. Our articles are based on nothing but what we think will be most helpful for the many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and various individuals reading them. We too are entrepreneurs, and so we understand what it'd feel like to be fed untrustworthy information. Our time is a valuable, limited resource. In fact, time is money. Realizing that, we wouldn't appreciate a website or organization that wasted our simply because they were looking to make a quick buck or two. All the content at Startups Genius is the result of either hours of intensive research or actual testing/usage of the service/product.

Affiliates we partner with

With that being said, we choose to receive compensation to help make up for the time and financial investment we put into this website. Some of our affiliates include Amazon, Bluehost, and other companies. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at