Announcing Jet Fuel: Weekly Curated Articles To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Engines Roaring


Welcome to the first ever blog post on Startups Genius!

This could be the beginning of a great thing. Or it could be the unassuming prelude to failure.

Who knows how this Startups Genius experiment will turn out! We definitely want to be around for a long time, but honestly, we just care about putting out great content for our readers.

One of the ways we plan on accomplishing our vision is through an ongoing series of posts called Jet Fuel.

What is Jet Fuel?

Well, once a week we're going to deliver to our readers a brief collection of fantastic business-related articles. And they're not going to be our own. Jet Fuel will link out to experts from around the web, whether it's an editor at Entrepreneur or a mommy blogger with the business sense of Warren Buffett. Don't worry, we're still going to publish heaps of our own content. So much so that you might eventually leave a bunch of comments around telling us to shut our faces. 

The purpose of Jet Fuel?

Well, you know far too well how hard it can be to stay motivated and creative throughout the long work week. We get that. We go through these "funks of the will" more often than we can count. One way we power through, or get the entrepreneurial juices flowing again, is by reading great content from around the web. Stuff from the pros. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders with 1200x more experience than us. 

Keep Growing, People

Choose to read. Stay up to date. Educate yourself. Interact with the latest and greatest ideas. It's either that or stagnate. And that's where Jet Fuel comes in. Trying to find quality stuff to read can be tedious. And your time is limited, so you want to make sure you're only reading the best, right? So how we help you is by giving you a valuable, ready-made collection of content.


So look out for the first Jet Fuel post in the next few days. We're looking at publishing one early each Monday morning. Just grab your 250 mg of caffeine and soak in the knowledge. What better way to punch Monday in the face than by refueling your business brain for the week, right?

Over and out.