Jet Fuel (March 15)

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Well, this week's Jet Fuel post is getting out a little late . . . it's been quite the busy week so far. So without further ado, here are this week's articles. Go ahead, get your brain buzzing.

10 Easy Steps to Help Your Business Flourish On Facebook

If you're a business owner, you probably already know how big of a marketing platform Facebook is. The question is, do you know how to take advantage of the opportunities? This concise article will provide you with 10 tips you can follow to maximize your business's Facebook presence.

Are You Mentally Prepared to Be An Entrepreneur?

Thinking about starting a business in the near future? Maybe take some time to evaluate whether or not you have the mental toughness required to succeed as a business-owner. 

Stumped For Growth Ideas?

"You’re struggling to find new opportunities to increase growth this quarter. But no worries. The solution to your problem is staring you in the face. Customer support data holds the answer to earning more revenue. It’s an effective tool for identifying gaps in your customer service and uncovering when to upsell in the sales cycle."

What Is Google's Penguin Algorithim, Really?

Anyone familiar with SEO will have some sort of awareness of Google's Penguin update. It's safe to say that business owners who care about their online presence's search traffic need to know as much about Penguin as possible . . . an effective marketing strategy requires one to stay in the loop. The bad news intrigued business owners have faced so far: there's been a dearth of detailed, backed-by-research information on Penguin. The good news? Our good friends at Search Engine Journal have put together an incredibly detailed and well-researched piece on Penguin. Read it to understand the fundamental features of Penguin along with their i

5 Classic Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

"Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, but if you know what mistakes other entrepreneurs have made, you stand a better chance of not falling into the same traps. That’s where a new survey from the business development consultancy Sandler Training comes in: it’s surveyed 2,000 small businesses to identify the five most common errors made by their owners in the earliest years of their ventures."

The Secret to Satisfaction

A Christian perspective on finding contentment no matter the job you find yourself working. Note: We realize that many of our readers might not agree with the Christian worldview, so they should feel free to skip past this content. However, the editors strongly believe this content will be beneficial even to non-Christian readers.

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