Jet Fuel (March 22)


Welcome to the  weekly Jet Fuel post! We hope you find these carefully-selected articles from around the web as helpful as we did.

7 Ways Entrepreneurship Helps You Be A Better . . . Anything

The value of being an entrepreneur isn't just in the product or business you've created. Much of the value comes from the process of being the best entrepreneur possible. I can vouch for the truthfulness of author Jayson DeMers' words, "Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making a lot of money or leading a company to greatness. In fact, the experience of entrepreneurship can make you better at . . . well, almost anything you can think of."

They Bought What? 10 Surprising Acquisitions

You'll enjoy reading about weird corporate acquisitions that actually became huge money-makers.

7 Morning Habits Creative Leaders Swear By

"f you feel like you're getting less out of the day than you should, or if you feel like your mornings are nothing but a mushy, meaningless blur, maybe it's time to incorporate some (or all) of their habits into your own get-going sequence."

Deep Work With Cal Newport - Podcast

This is another podcast from Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income. You can probably tell by now that I'm a big fan of his. Well, I'm not ashamed! Anyways, this particular podcast's topic is on focus and productivity. I know . . . I know that the podcast world seems to be oversaturated with these gurus telling us what they believe is the holy grail method of productivity. What I think sets Cal Newport apart from all the others is that I can tell he really cares about helping other people be successful. If you've been looking for a way to combat distraction-plagued work, check out this podcast.

20 More Platforms for Workers in the Gig Economy

Are you already part of what is being coined the "freedom economy"? According to Small Biz Trends, half of the U.S. population will join the ranks of freelancing and independent work. The freedom economy appears to be beneficial for both skilled workers and small businesses, as small businesses can now afford to buy crucial services that were once unaffordable and skilled workers can monetize their skills without the drain of corporate life. If you're interested in freelancing, or already have a head start in freelancing but are looking for more opportunities, this article covers 20 platforms you may have never considered before.