Jet Fuel (March 6)


Welcome to the first-ever weekly Jet Fuel post! We hope this resource of curated articles serves you well and helps keep your entrepreneurial engines running.

Here you go!

When It's Time To Dump Your Career

Been looking to switch careers or start your own business? The best timing might be to do it NOW. This Forbes article explains why.

Lazy But Talented

When you are struggling to become more talented than your competition, you can outpace them with hard work. This is an extremely short, yet very motivating, post by well-known entrepreneur Seth Godin.

How To Build Relationship With Influencers - Podcast

"I’ve talked about relationship building a lot on the Smart Passive Income Podcast. It’s an essential—and potentially life-changing—aspect of growing your business and your reputation as an entrepreneur." I can't get enough of Pat Flynn and his Simple Passive Income podcast. Give him a listen and I'm sure you'll have all 200 or so of his episodes listened to by April.

The Value Of Search Across The Modern Consumer Search Journey

This Search Engine Land article explores the role search engines play in the life of a modern-day consumer. What kind of questions are consumers asking?

How To Build Trust & Enhance Your Influence With Content Marketing

The article's topic is self-explanatory. It's definitely a must-read for business owners who publish a significant amount of online written content.

How Small Businesses Can Win Big With Webinars - Infographic

"Small business owners are expected to wear a variety of hats as they juggle multiple roles to build their bases. However, there’s one role that may very well be the most important in 2017: the role of teacher."